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Inspirational story of how a broke, homeless cocktail waitress turned her life around in 2 years
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The Story of how a broke, homeless cocktail waitress rewrote her future 
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And how she increased her income, expanded influence, and improved relationships....
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  • How to stop living in constant fear of bills and take back the future
  •  A way to systematically dismantle what's been keeping you broke
  •  Get a plan to attack what's been keeping you stuck and live a life of freedom - even without making more!
Looking for inspiration? Hear the testimony of how one woman overcame a horrific past to become wildly successful. Dani is now on a mission to give generously to provide food, clothing, clean water and shelter to the extreme poor and children around the world.*
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**actual customer reviews
"How Dani Johnson went on to make her first million despite a tortured past and despite being homeless, is the stuff of entrepreneurial legend."  –
*100% of the profits from all Dani Johnson purchases go straight to feeding the poor
Read, Learn, Grow....
First Steps To Wealth: A game changer. This is an amazing many life lessons. It’s a new mindset. It was a paradigm shift for me in my thoughts and my soul. I love how Dani is real, vulnerable, and truly models her own convictions. Dani’s total gift of self is so powerful and healing. She is a leader I want to follow. I am now going through it a second time with a highlighter and a notebook. Thank you Dani Johnson... you are truly a gift in these times."
Andrea M
"Within reading the first two chapters of First Steps To Wealth, I knew I had everything I needed to finally get started."
Sandy Schultz
"I have given up on my dreams and goals. When I read the first chapter I cried because of the words Dani said . I know we talked about how I read the books but hadn’t used what I read. I’m grateful for you. But I’m beyond grateful for having the community. Sometimes pain can lead to dramatic things like change."
 David Logan Simpson
"Amazing! I'm loving this book. Such awesome wisdom I'm gaining!"
Jennifer W
"Life-Changing- This book has changed my life... really!"
Penny J
Dani’s First Steps to Wealth book has been my savior in so many ways. My life was a mess. I am overweight, hate my husband, resent my children, crippled financially, emotionally, mentally & physically. I was suicidal thinking everyone would be better off without me.... I have read First Steps to Success 2 more times now & about to start reading it again. As you can see from the pictures I have tabbed & highlighted the important messages for me. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for that one last thing that might help - THIS BOOK IS IT!! LIFE altering!! 
18 Surprising things you'll find in just the first 159 pages
  • ​ Thinking that making a money is the complete solution to all your problems? THINK AGAIN. Read this book (instead), and you’ll discover how one woman made a million dollars but had nothing to show for it and how she went on to live a fulfilled life. pg. v
  • ​The FIRST thing I tell all of our brand-new clients to get them generating fast results… PLUS: You’ll get to peek behind the scenes to find out the exact moment I realized this for the first time. (HINT: It’s how one of our clients quadrupled his business in eighteen months after thinking he had all the answers.) pg. vii
  • ​The four game-changers that continue to shape my life to this day. I’ve used them to make millions, prevent divorce, get into killer physical shape and so much more. pg. 4
  • ​The 3 things you need to know about making money that have helped my husband and I as well as our clients make money. pg. 14
  • ​ Where you’re putting your time that is literally costing you money and how to turn those expensive activities into achieving greater results and making more money. pg. 28 
  • ​If you think you’re good with people…great! But I’ll show you how I’ve learned to communicate in such a way that people actually want to work with me, listen to me and refer millions of dollars in business to me. pg. 30 
  • ​Learn the 5 natural talents you were born with that will help you succeed. pg. 38
  • ​In all my 27+ years of success, I’ve found one common success killer that will keep you broke. I’ll show you exactly what it is, and how to get rid of it for good. pg. 45
  • ​How I was able to move past having everything stolen from me, being screwed over, abandoned and slandered… and exactly why that has everything to do with my success. pg. 51
  •  When I was sitting in my car, homeless, my answer to getting off the street and making money was closer than I thought… and believe it or not, it’s the same solution for you, whether you’re on the street like I was or living comfortably in your home. pg. 58
  •  I reached a point in life where the money wasn’t worth it. I was miserable with hateful relationships, and I found myself in a place where I would have rather been broke and happy than where I was currently. I’ll show you exactly how I didn’t have to choose between the two. (I actually cut my hours back to 20 per week and tripled my income) pg. 61
  • ​Money comes from _______. (Hint: The answer is NOT what you think. Although it’s so simple, most people don’t get it!) pg. 64
  • ​ How a 20-year-old went from making $7 / hour as a bank teller to $85K / year as a branch manager with her bank being rated in the top 10% by a universal banker. pg 87 
  • ​Why “employee vs. employee-preneur” is the missing piece in your ability to get promoted higher in your job — no matter what your prior experience is. pg. 111
  • ​How I grew my wealth through entrepreneurship. pg. 133
  • ​I’ll give you the same business model and marketing plan I started with 27 years ago (it still works to this day for me and our clients). pg. 151 
  • ​The Successful Entrepreneur Mindset… friend, this is literally what has exploded the results of our entrepreneurs! They found they were focusing on the wrong things until these simple mindset shifts. pg. 153 
  • ​How you can use three ways to grow your business as a pathway to profits whether you are an employee trying to land a job or an entrepreneur selling an idea. pg. 159
You'll Also Get The Simplest Way To Pay Off ALL Your Debt...  How To Get Your Money Growing (While You Sleep)... And SO MUCH MORE!
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    • Because (unlike other “guru’s”) I don’t make my living from teaching others. My husband provides for me through other business and investments which frees me up to give all of our profits away to support those in need – supporting widows, feeding the hungry, rescuing innocent kids out of the sex trade, building homes for the homeless…
    • We have a goal to impact 100,000,000 lives by 2035… and I know we can’t do it alone.
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