what if your entire family, business, and circle of friends were on board with the same goals?
Dani Johnson
Dani Johnson has led hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world with her expert teachings on business, money and relationships, all while adding more enjoyment and fun, so they may live the truly uncommon life.
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You Could Be just Steps Away From a life YOU designed... 
But do you know which steps you need to take?
We will walk you through them at first steps to success
We Know You Crave FREEDOM
We know you want relief from the pressure of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

We know you want to feel empowered to thrive in your job.

We know you want more time with the people you love, and we know you want that time to be satisfying, fun and argument-free. 

We know you want the answers to tough issues you’ve been facing. 

There’s just one problem....
Society has completely failed you.
You’ve been sold a version of success...
.....that has nothing to do with financial independence, and everything to do with becoming a “good consumer.”

Largely, our schools and churches don’t teach us how to make good spending decisions, don’t teach us not to go into debt, don’t help us get out of debt, don’t teach us entrepreneurial skills or mindsets, and don’t give us practical tools to succeed in our marriages or as parents.

That’s NOT okay with us. 
We Want To Come Alongside You And See Your Wildest Dreams Come True
For thirty years, Dani has been equipping people to succeed in every area of their life. She takes everything you SHOULD have learned - but didn’t - and breaks it down into a practical, easy-to-apply action plan.

It is our mission to see people just like you set free from the status quo definition of success, and help them design and reach their own unique version of success by equipping them with all the tools they need.
  • You are 100% debt free and no longer feel the squeeze of anxiety to pay your bills every month
  •  You have the freedom to do what you’ve always dreamed of, whether that’s traveling the world, giving to a cause that stirs you, running a successful business on your terms or paying cash for your dream home
  •  You have the power to take one look at someone and know exactly what drives them, what irks them and how to communicate effectively with them
  •  You have complete control over your time, with a simple system that will allow you to maximize your efforts and get way more done in less time, freeing you up for the things that really matter
  •  Your marriage feels better than the honeymoon because you truly understand your spouse and how you work together as a team
  •  You are no longer at a loss when it comes to effectively raising up your kids in the way they should go. You feel confident and sure you are bringing the best out of them, instead of always feeling at odds with them
  •  You feel closer than ever to your Father in Heaven. You know exactly what He wants from you, how to thrive financially according to His word and feel confident in your relationship with Him. 

  • All of this is 100% possible for you. Dani has watched tens of thousands of clients successfully implement her tools to design and actually live the life of their dreams. 
You Might Be Thinking “Yeah That’s Great. But Will It Work For Me…?”
We’re going to be straight with you. It won’t be easy. If you aren’t ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work and make some changes, then this is not for you.
If you want a magic formula that is going to make life a cakewalk, this is not for you. 

If you aren’t willing to chip away at tired old mindsets and bust out of the status quo, this is definitely not for you. 

But if you’re tired of beating your head against the same walls over and over

If you’re tired of the daily grind and ready to take control of your life, instead of letting life control you…

If you’re ready to stop feeling stress and pressure and start having more fun
If you’re ready to step up, rise up, do something great with your life and make a difference…
Then there’s no doubt in our minds that First Steps To Success is right for you.  

Dani’s strategies are pressure-tested in the real world in hundreds of industries and countries. Not only that, they come straight from the best success book ever written. AKA The Bible. 

No, it won’t be easy. But it is SIMPLE. If Dani, a broke, homeless cocktail waitress who barely graduated from high school and was told her entire life she would never amount to anything can do it, you can, too!

Friend, I was the last person in the world who was supposed to succeed.

I grew up in a violently abusive home, was pregnant at 17, homeless at 21 with $2.03 to my name, abandoned by my family - you get the idea.

Within two years I became a multimillionaire. Today I am living a life I never dreamed possible.

I get to volunteer 100% of my time and donate my entire salary to feeding the poor, rescuing kids from the sex trade, providing clean water to entire communities, building homes and sharing our Father’s love. 

I get to boldly share my faith with you, because I want to see you design and live the life of your dreams, too.

I am sick of the status quo. I am sick of society's lame definition of success keeping people from reaching their full potential. 

I want to equip you to create a NEW definition of success that is unique to YOU. And I want to see you start living the life of your dreams now. 

I believe in you, friend. I believe in your dreams. I believe that together we can impact the world.

In great faith,
take the steps now to design the life you want at first steps to success
take the steps now to design the life you want at first steps to success
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take the steps now to design the life you want at first steps to success